SYNERUS Enterprise Solutions

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SYNERUS, Inc. is a consulting company providing skilled staffing and custom solutions to meet the enterprise technology needs for our clients worldwide. Our primary focus is in Government Contracts customizing SharePoint and Enterprise Content and Records Management (ECRM) Solutions. We also have extensive experience in the Health Care, Oil, Banking, Legal, Insurance, and Hospitality Industries.

SYNERUS offers a unique opportunity for businesses to own an integrated SharePoint ECRM Solution designed and tailored specifically for their business needs, with a “bullet proof” focus on regulatory compliance. Not only does SYNERUS, Inc. provide a fully customized ECRM Solution, we also include a comprehensive analytical review of your existing SharePoint portal and will construct a new system that seamlessly integrates the ECRM Solution within SharePoint, making it transparent to the Users. This eliminates existing and residual issues that continue to plague users when add-ons or third party applications are used.

Third party applications and add-ons assume every business’ record managemnet requirements are the same, since they provide a single solution for every business. At SYNERUS, Inc., we understand that no two businesses have the same requirements. Each SYNERUS ECRM Solution is unique, just as our clients are unique. We provide a new environment, not just a new look, and we don’t hide or attempt to mitigate existing issues, we simply eliminate them. SYNERUS, Inc. does not offer “patch” solutions, third party applications, or add-ons. If you are looking for a generic solution with limited capabilities, our Solution is not for you. If you are unique and are looking for a solution that is specifically built to meet your needs, please contact us by visiting our website at